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The 4 Subtle Reasons People Don’t Like You

Certain people get under our skin. They may seem friendly and polite, yet for some unknown reason they rub us up the wrong way. Often it is because they display 4 subtle behaviours that trigger a response in our subconscious brain. This response tells us that the

The Biggest Killers of Social Confidence

For a long time people believed that the key to building greater social confidence was building a stronger sense of self-esteem. And it makes sense, considering that self-esteem is how much we like ourselves. However, as far back as 2005,

Snap out of Social Anxiety with these 3 Power Poses

It was too late, I had missed the quick draw and now my anxiety was about to take off. I was already stuck inside my head and was starting to talk myself out of the whole ordeal. She doesn’t look

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