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One of the greatest realisation I’ve had, when it comes to social power, is that the most powerful person in any social situation is not the most entertaining or engaging person. The most powerful person is the one that is able to connect people to other people. Think about this – if you had a person who’s job it was to smoothly introduce you around at social events, how much easier would it be to meet people? How much would you like that person? How important would they be to the success of your night?

My buddy Alex is that person because he is the king of introductions. Introducing 2 people sounds like such a simple thing, but he does it so much better than the standard, ‘Bill this is Andrew, Andrew this is Bill.’ And because he is so good at giving introductions, people love being around him. This makes him the most important person at every social event we attend because I know that every time we go out together I will meet a bunch of new people and instantly be in an easy conversation with them.

The 3 Step Intro Process (according to Alex)

1. Alex always slows down his speech when making an introduction. He also makes physical contact by (gently) grabbing the person on the shoulder and by looking them in they eye. This captures their entire attention and gives the introduction a sense of importance.

2. He begins by saying, ‘Bill (pause) I’d like you to meet a very close friends of mine (pause). This is Andrew. This specific wording gives both parties credibility because Alex is referring them to each other. He isn’t just performing a formality, he is making a conscious decision to connect the two people.

3. Alex then immediately gives them a fact about each other, or a topic of conversation to help smooth the transition into conversation. ‘Bill was just telling me about his trip to WoopWoop, have you ever been there?’ or ‘Andrew and I used to drive party buses together, have you ever been on one?’

This process is incredibly simple, but you will be surprised at how effective it is in making you more socially powerful.

Since most people struggle with breaking the ice, being a professional introducer makes you an incredibly valuable person in any situation.

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