How to be Attractive when you’re not Good-Looking

Why is it that you sometimes see very good-looking women with pretty average looking men? Is it because they are rich? or famous? or skilled in the bedroom? The answer according to science is yes and no…

We use the terms ‘good-looking’ and ‘attractive’ interchangeably – even though they are clearly not the same thing. Looks are a component of attraction, they are not the only component, or the most powerful necessarily. You can be good looking and unattractive just like you can be average looking and highly attractive. Here is how…

Female Attraction
It’s pretty obvious that guys care about looks, a lot; so it makes sense that we assume girls also care about looks, a lot. But a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (by Davis) found that,

‘Men are more concerned about a potential partner’s appearance than are women. Men place a far greater value on physical attractiveness than do women.’

Sorting through more research I was surprised to find that some ‘experts’ went as far as to suggest that women only place a 20% importance on how a guy looks. The rest of the 80% of why they are attracted to him are to do with his behavioural patterns.

His confidence, humour, wit, dominance, lifestyle, career, ambition and drive were seen as way more important than his looks. Even more surprising, women rated men with these characteristics as better looking than those that didn’t, while other women who only saw a photograph of the same men (and couldn’t tell if they had these characteristics) rated them as no better looking than the other men.

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