Learning to be Attractive – The 3 Simple Ideas

It is no secret that guys like good looking women. But how much emphasis do women place on the looks of a man?

A study by Knapp in 02 titled Changing Perceptions of Physical Attractiveness Through Social Interaction, found that,

‘An initial perception of the other’s physical attractiveness is often not high enough to trigger the pursuit of a romantic relationship but is not low enough to preclude it.’

Put simply, most people we meet are good looking enough that we would consider dating them. However, their looks are rarely enough for us to want to date them immediately. The study also found that.

‘Social interaction is eventually perceived as more desirable than the perception of the other’s physical attractiveness.’

Interestingly, we are more attracted to social behaviors than looks. While a first impression can cause some desire, the person still needs to prove that they are socially fluent for us to be attracted to them.

But wait, there’s more. The most incredible finding researchers made was,

‘Perceptions of physical attractiveness can be changed by social interaction.’

While that may sound like some voodoo magic, here is how it works in a real life example –

A group of college students set out to test the theory that attractiveness is multidimensional and that each dimension effects the others. Essentially they wanted to see what would happen if they simply started to treat someone as attractive. The group of male students begun their experiment by selecting a girl who was not considered popular or particularly good looking.

They started by treating her as if she was popular and good looking. They did this by paying attention to her, making sure she was invited to the best parties and hitting on her in front of others. By the end of the semester the researchers found that she started to act like one of the popular girls and was even accepted into the ‘cool’ group. Unlike in the movies, she did not receive a makeover or change how she looked at all. The only change was how she started to act when she noticed that guys were interested in her.

The most amazing part of the experiment though, was that at the end of the semester, when the experimenters stopped treating her as popular, she continued to act popular and was still considered popular by the rest of the student body. She was even rated as better looking than before the experiment, despite not being given a makeover of any sort.

What the experiment shows is that our perception of a persons attractiveness are based on much more than simply how they look. More importantly, you can actually make yourself appear better looking by changing some of your behaviors. These concepts are the basis of our eBook, The 3 Simple Skills of Charisma. To help spread the HSL love, for a limited time you can grab a FREE copy below. All you need to do is tell us where to send your book.


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